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Rooms available to hire

A number of rooms of varying sizes are available for practitioners to reserve for their consultations. They are finished to a high standard and offer an ideal, peaceful environment to allow the patient to feel at ease.


First Floor First Floor First Floor Top Floor Lower Floor
Reception Reception Albion Pace - Northampton 24 Albion Place Entrance Door


Room Five has been equipped in order that it can be used for individual or group sessions. It can also be used for meetings, administrative work or as an informal staff room. The room offers a facility for practitioners to network, take a break, finish writing notes, or to access the internet.


Tea and coffee making facilities are available in the room. It also offers practitioners an opportunity to cross-refer, or seek information, advice and support, discover mutual areas of interest and expertise and may facilitate the development of new initiatives, areas of work and clinical opportunities. 


We hope that by providing a space for practitioners to overlap, enterprising ideas and aspirations can be nurtured and taken forward.